We wanted to send out a message regarding the COVID 19 virus.

For us, it is business as usual and we can assure you that the studio is vigorously and thoroughly cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis.  

We will continue to follow the official hygiene advice issued about COVID 19.

We also strongly suggest that everyone follow all government and advice on hygiene practices.

Listed below are some extra measures that we will take and some that can be implemented right now or once there has been exposure in our immediate community.

  • Hand sanitizers are available at the desk upon your arrival and we ask that you sanitize or wash your hands upon entering the studio.

  • You may bring a clean towel to cover your mat area or a small towel to rest your head on the reformer headrest if you wish to do so. 

  • Please take extra time to thoroughly wipe down the apparatus you have used once you are finished.  

  • If you are unwell, please do not come into the studio and stay home until you feel better.  

  • Our goal is to keep you as healthy as possible, especially during this time. Know that this brilliant system of Joseph Pilates is actually designed to not only make you strong and limber but to also boost your immune system ... more than any other form of exercise!  

  • Read below for an interesting fact you likely didn't know about Joseph Pilates.


The Influenza Pandemic of 1918:

Joseph Pilates was living in the Interment camp on the Isle of Man in Great Britain when the Spanish Influenza Pandemic broke out. It infected 500 million people around the world and ultimately killed well over 50 million people. 

What made the flu so devastating is that it affected those in their 20's-40's as much as those that were elderly and those with compromised immune systems.  It was likely one of the deadliest natural disasters to date in human history.

What is even more interesting and incredibly noteworthy is that not one single person inside the interment camp had died. The only reason that it could be explained was that the detainees were all practicing the system of exercises daily under the care and instruction of Joseph Pilates.  

The regime of exercises, that we currently still practice today at Get Fit with Mary Watson, were attributed to fundamentally creating a strong and robust internal immune system!

And How Does Pilates Specifically Strengthen the Immune System?

Every movement designed by Pilates aids not only in developing strength and flexibility but also by effectively moving the lymph through the body and by massaging the internal organs.  

Also, the breathing and pumping exercises help to circulate the blood throughout the whole body and fills the lungs with clean air while ridding itself of dirty, stagnant air.  

Be assured that keeping up with your Pilates practice, getting fresh air and practicing good nutrition is just as important as practicing good hygiene to keep you well protected or to increase your changes of a quicker recovery.


Stay healthy, be joyful, be thankful and live without a spirit of fear. 

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